Help with Mail Server

Hi there

Thanks for a great server software!

I am running it on my Debian 8 with great success - except for the mail part.

I have installed the Webmin and Virtualmin, and set the DNS for some domains like and - and the website works great.

But somehow I can’t get the Mail Server up and running, so I can get my very own mail server.

I have tried everything, check the ports in the router is open, I have run a to see if the MX records is active, and they are. I can ping the server from the outside and so on.

What have I missed?

hey I am debian as well :slight_smile: jessie on my end :slight_smile:

I can help you professionally to troubleshoot the thing… just contact me :slight_smile:

First tpnsolutions now you. This forum should be “community help” and not your platform to sell your services. There is part of the forum dedicated for this so by all means open a topic there and keep the rest for free help.

diabolico, I did not sell anything and I am sorry if my post gave you that feel. Sorry.