Help with Forum account


My main account (username: pixel_paul) does not allow posts on the forum (for some reason).
Could someone please have a look at it and sort it out?

In the mean time I still am having no joy with procmail-wrapper, apparently because noone can read my posts (they just get redirected to the home page)

My question is, how do I install procmail-wrapper if it did not get installed correctly when I upgraded to virtualmin pro?



Howdy Paul,

Sorry for the inconvenience with the forums…I’m a bit frustrated with Joomla and its applications, myself. I’ve got an upgrade in progress, but there are so many dependencies, it’s taking forever (e.g. I can’t upgrade Joomla without upgrading all components, and I can’t upgrade any of the components without upgrading and customizing their bridges to Joomla, and in some cases, I’ve got custom code that ties things together that needs to be updated…it’s a mess and I don’t speak PHP so good). :wink:

As for the procmail-wrapper, just use the package manage to install it.

yum install procmail-wrapper


apt-get install procmail-wrapper

If that doesn’t do it, then there’s a bug in the upgrade process that doesn’t enable the software repo (or you’re on a system that isn’t supported by our repositories, and you’ll need to build it from source–you can find it at and setuid it).<br><br>Post edited by: Joe, at: 2008/02/12 09:15

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the info - it was confusing me a bit as to why every post I made redirected me to the home page!

I think that there is something up with the repo - what should it be set to?

I should have mentioned my system is CentOS 5.

yum install procmail-wrapper gives ‘No matches found’



I just did a locate on procmail-wrapper.c and it appears to be here:

how do I go about getting it to be installed?


figured it out, mainly through the problems a few people have had with procmail-wrapper.

gcc -o procmail-wrapper procmail-wrapper.c
mv procmail-wrapper /usr/bin/
chmod 6755 /usr/bin/procmail-wrapper[/code:1]

what stumped me was the setuid bit. but now its all looking sweet.

I also had to create the /var/log/procmail.log file as this wasn’t created - what should be the file permissions / file owner on this?

Looks good:

[code:1]-rwsr-sr-x 1 root root 5123 Feb 14 10:37 /usr/bin/procmail-wrapper[/code:1]

On another tip: I’m still confused over a repos for virtualmin - does it exist and if so what is the address?