Help with default PHP CLI

This is something I have had an issue with for a while. So when a new Virtual server is create the default PHP for the CLI is 5.4. Why PHP 5.4 would be installed for any reason is a bit mystifying to me. That has not been supported for nearly 5 years.

It does not matter if you change the Virtual server template PHP options to Highest available. The PHP version used by Apache and what you have configured for bash are two separate things.

I know I can create aliases after users are already created but that is quickly becoming burdensome. Is there a configuration someplace in Virtualmin that I can set PHP 7.3 as the CLI default.

Any help would be appreciated.

What’s your Linux distro?

It sounds like PHP 5.4 has always been the default/global installation but never got upgraded.

Does the output from these commands make sense?

whereis php
php -v
php --ini

whereis php73
/usr/bin/php73 -v
/usr/bin/php73 --ini