Help with connection issues

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 20.04.6
Virtualmin version 7.7 Pro

hello everyone i hhave my own home server at home and im running ubuntu server 20.04.6 on it and i also have webmin/virtualmin pro 7.7 running on the server to i install virtualmin with LEMP and not apache server and im having connection problems connecting to http & https to any help with this will be greatful as im learning as i go a long

Hi, define “connection problems” and can you find any clues in the logs - and share them with us?

have you opened the required ports in your ‘home router’ firewall ? also, from you other threads, it maybe worth noting that if this is running on a dynamic IP rather than a fixed IP you may get all sorts of problems as you may constantly be updating your DNS in order to reflect your current IP

yes it is a fixed ip address im using for my server and i have added everything i need to my router firewall to

So this is going to be a guessing game then?

Can you physically plug the VM machine into the ISP router and DZM the VM IP?

yes i have already done that

I don’t think you can have both routers DMZing the VM machine,
Try First Router DMZ the second router (Asus Routers IP) And leave the DMZ of the Asus router as is.


so u mean turn off the dmz on the asus router but leave it the way it is on the sky hub

No don’t touch the asus. Find what IP its using and use that IP as the DMZ in the sky router

thank you for your help i have got it working now


did you call the virtualserver

yes i have roudcube setup for the mail server too

you should call it
mail www webmail are automatically created

ok how do i change it please

I’d delete it and create

what do u mean im a bit confused

If this is new you want it setup correctly first, so delete the virtualserver

and then create, dont’ forget to disable DNS on the new virtual server.

this is a summery of the server