Help, Webmin, Usermin and Virtualmin GPL( Free)


I have installed Webmin , Usermin, and Virtualmin the GPL Free version on a
RedHat Linux Ent 5 Server 64Bit ( RHEL 5 i686 ). I personally have been a Linux user for years and am very comfortable in the Terminal but I use Debian linux on my home computers so I am not used to RHEL’s UP2DATE or YUM package management with its dependancy problems.

Anyway, My Current problem is that I have Installed the Above 3 Products onto a Server that has 3 Websites setup and running on this server. Only 1 of the Websites gets any traffic which would be a Forum that has aprox 500 Users online at One time for most of the day and it will spike to 1000 Users Online after Certain Events happen. Now my Apache runs Great and I have had no problems with that, But here are afew things I have noticed that I don’t understand.

Webmin used to Crash after running for aprox 1 Day or So and I would have to Reboot the entire Server to restart it as the STOP,START or RELOAD bash script would not work. I assume It would be a problem with the MINISERV.PL, but I have found no way to start/stop it. I know I am missing a PAM::Authen Perl Module but when I have tryd to install it I can not get it to install, I have tryd first from Webmin using the CPAN Repo and it error’d out. So I tryd installing it through SSH and it claim’d that it was installed but still when I check i do not see it there.

After runing this server for afew weeks, I noticed very High Memory Usage (3 GIG RAM used out of 4 GIGs with only 200 ppl online ) so my first thinking was that maybe Webmin Crashed and didn;t release it’s memory, so I disabled webmin at boot. Well that wasn’t the problem it turnd out the Apache access_log was building up past 3 GIG’s everyday so I changed the logrotate.conf to Rotate this log file on a Size Basis instead of a weekly basis.

Now, My ProFTPd Server is no longer working, and I can not find any logs at all, So I tryd’ to restart my Webmin Server to see if It might have any information on this but I can not Start the Webmin Server anymore with the Bash Scripts RESTART, START, RELOAD.

Sorry for this being a super long message but I wanted anybody that was gonna help to have the full story and everything that I knew off the top of my head to work with right here.

Now My Current Questions are :

[li]What can I do to Stop Webmin from Crashing Daily[/li]
[li]How do I restart Webmin?[/li]
[li]Does Webmin work with RHEL 5 i686[/li]
[li]Does anyone have information on my ProFTPd Problems[/li]

Thank You for Anyone that Has Reasonable Information to This