Help please! Domain not resolving

Hello, i’ve just install virtualmin on my dedicated server, i want to host a webpage, but i have a problem, my domain is not solving, i have configured the dns in my provider to: (ip of the server) (ip of the server)

I have created on bind an A record pointing to the ip of the server and in the domain ns i have:

And it not working, when i try to run host (to use Google dns) it returns:

Host not found: 2(SERVFAIL)

what can I do? Thanks

make sure to add glue records in your registrar (ns1.youdomain.tld and ns2.yourdomain.tld) along with your virtual server ip, then proceed to BIND DNS Server and add a master zone yourdomain.tld along with your main dns (ns1.yourdomain.tld) then add some NS and A records such as (ns2.yourdomain.tld) ans your ip, it your config file should look something like this:

domain.tld. IN NS ns1.domain.tld.

ns1.domain.tld. IN A <--------YOUR IP!!!

ns2.domain.tld. IN A

domain.tld. IN NS ns2.domain.tld.

domain.tld. IN A

www.domain.tld. IN A

apply bind config, flush OS dns cache (or try different browser) wait a couple hours and bind should be ready to go, add a new virtual server (make sure to change your default NS servers into BIND server template) and should work flawlessly

Thanks for the reply, stills continue, here you are the report of the domain


Your nameserver is unreachable. Either your firewall is blocking access, or BIND is not running.

If you’d like, we can setup a private consultation to correct your DNS issues. Drop me a line by email.

My firewall is accepting connections in 53 port
ACCEPT tcp – tcp dpt:53 ctstate NEW
and bind is running

Solved! bind was listening only on, changed to my public ip and it works, thanks!


Glad to hear the issue has been resolved :slight_smile:

Now i have other issue sorry, this happend when i send mails to my addres from gmail:

<BOUNCE@ns******> (expanded from
******* unknown user: “bounce”

And if I try to send a mail from the server:
Failed to send mail : SMTP command . failed : 421 4.3.0 collect: Cannot write ./dfvBSF4TUq024551 (bfcommit, uid=0, gid=123): No such file or directory