HELP | PHP-FPM Failed to start in multiple PHP version

OS type and version Ubuntu 22.04.2
Virtualmin version 7.7

I have various PHP installed in my server and every PHP there are websites attached to it, but some of the PHP-FPM are failed to initialize and FPM server is not running right now.

and when I try to run PHP8.1-FPM from terminal, it gives error

Please Help.

We need to see the logs.

The journal for that unit may have information (journalctl -u php8.1-fpm) or there may be something useful in a php-fpm error log (I believe you’ll find this in /var/log/php-fpm).

Don’t post the whole logs, just the handful of entries that appear immediately when you try to restart the service.

in the /var/log/php8.1-fpm.logs.1

So, are you trying to start an already running service? (That’s what that looks like.)

You could probably just reboot the system, which will shut everything down and start it all back up fresh. Or, you could make sure the existing services are actually stopped before trying to start them (systemctl stop php8.1-fpm and then check the process list to see if anything is “stuck”…because these processes are serving clients, they can take a little while for all of them to shut down…it’s possible that something went wrong and one fails to shut down at all…you’d need to kill it in such a case).

Various PHP-FPM are already running and serving the website, I couldn’t close those PHP versions, It will stop other projects as well.
Available socks are already listening other PHP-FPM versions.

This was a bug in Virtualmin 7.8.2, which is going to be fixed in upcoming Virtualmin 7.8.3 release.

Meanwhile, you can toggle PHP execution mode for the websites from FPM to FCGID and back to FPM, to have all relevant configs regenerated.

Note that only Virtualmin Pro can have it done in a quick mass update operation using List Virtual Servers page.

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