Help migrating non-static websites to a new virtualmin server


I got a virtualmin server with 8 domains that needs to be transfered to a new server.
I have backups so I need someon to transfer the websites and confirm that they will work before we point the domains to the new server.


It’s simple enough to do. I don’t understand why you would need someone to do it.

You just go to your new server, restore the backups you’ve made, preview them with the Virtualmin build in Preview Website link to see that it’s working, then point your DNS over when you get them all working.

hi @micohosting

I think I can help you with this issue. I do understand migraine from migration from Apache 2.2 to 2.4 or PHP 4.5 to 7.4 etc. I can offer you a migration where I test everything and alter code to be fit for your latest updates without errors. my proposal would be £60 per site moving from Apache server to Apache server, being everything hand written and working without issues…no matter if you come from Ubuntu to Debian, I will make sure it will works… let me know. thanks.

edit : documentation in md would be included of course.

Hey there,

I can migrate the sites over to the new server for you. PM me.


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