Help Me Setting Up A Website

Hey Guys ! Just Joined VitualMin Community a Few Mins Ago…
So, Well I Need Help of you guys to setup my Website…

Things I Have :
(A) A Linode VPS
(B) A .com Domain From GoDaddy

For Privacy And Security Reasons Please Let The IP of my VPS be and Domain be

So, I just installed VirtualMin Following The Docs. and as un-expected VirtualMin setup didn’t asked me any questions like FQDN and all…
On the other hand I had already set up-ed 2 NameServers Via My GoDaddy Domain Control Panel Viz., and both pointing to IP

After Completing setup I don’t have any clue that where is my Panel so I went to and Both came with a ‘Index of /’ page
Screen Shot :
So As Stated I’ve visited both the domain and the IP with the port I.E. ‘10000’ Viz. and
Once more Both Came with the same result !
Error - Document follows
This web server is running in SSL mode. Try the URL instead.

[I’ve Edited Some Parts Using x for Security Purpose]
Screen Shot :

So I’ve clicked On The Link Viz.,
And Then Logged in using SSH User Viz., Root and Password…
Screen Shot :

Now I Want To Host a Wordpress Website With Free SSL From and with one email ID Viz. at

I Want to know that how can I Setup That Mail Address,
And, How To Get Started With my Domain and Virtualmin

Please Help Me Out ASAP
Regards, And Thanks !


It sounds like you were able to access Virtualmin… but yeah a quick and easy way to access it after initially performing the install, would be to use a URL such as this:

Not everyone has a working FQDN immediately after install, that’s often something that needs to be setup within Virtualmin.

Now that you’re logged into Virtualmin, the next step is to add your domain… you can do that by going into Create Virtual Server, and then inputting your domain name there.

From there, you’d just need to configure DNS.

Where is your DNS hosted for that domain, do you have that setup at a third party currently? If so, then you could just setup the IP addresses for it to point to your Virtualmin server.


Okay, I wanna confess something…
I forget to mention that I haven’t even completed the ‘Post Installation Wizard’ !

So, Now Please Check The SS First :
Now Tell, me in this step should I Add My Primary Nameserver as and Optional one as ? Or I should leave it as it is ?!


Just to get things up and running, you might want to leave it as-is now, and we can always tweak that later.

The next step after completing the post-install wizard would be to go into System Settings -> Re-Check Config, and see if things appear to be working properly.


Okay When I’m trying to do the same you told, It came back with an ‘Primary nameserver cannot be resolved from the rest of the Internet : Host localhost.localdomain not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)’ error…
I’ve checked ‘Skip check for resolvability’
Hope That 'll not mess up anything !

I’ve done the same you told, here’s the result !
What should I do next, to get things work !


What I would do is to go into System Settings -> Features and Plugins, and there, disable the Mailman feature. Then try running the Re-Check Config again.


read the documentation