Help me Friends Mail Queue

friend i instal my server smtp verry good and in test he work good
but in send all message I send it he go to Mail Queue
look in photo I need your help friends thanks
vps digitalocean
I canfg it with putty

The error is clear: Your server is unable to reach the SMTP port on the destination mail server.

Why that may be, I can’t guess.

possibly a firewall issue ?
I updated my post to reflect Joes response

I was struggling with an issue myself this week and found the issue with my router and had to reset some firewall settings to allow through, so meant it could be something related to outside router ?
are you able to send mail to any other domain


Firewall between the server and the Google SMTP server (e.g. at the network service provider or hosting provider or on OPs router)? Maybe. Firewall on the server itself? Definitely not.

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