Help! I did some package updates and now I can't receive any external email

Update - It seems the config got hosed after the updates. Could be unrelated, but I restore the webmin config of postfix and the problem is now fixed. I am getting a bunch of emails from various servers telling me my server was spitting out a postfix config warning which of course did no good because I couldn’t get the mail.

Today I did these package updates. It seems ever since no external mail is making it into the server, even in maillog. Anyway I think I’m good now.

Oct 14 11:33:08 Updated: 2:postfix-2.3.3-7.el5.x86_64
Oct 14 11:33:21 Updated: 4:perl-5.8.8-42.el5.x86_64
Oct 14 11:33:23 Updated: 4:perl-5.8.8-42.el5.i386
Oct 14 11:34:58 Updated: webmin-1.710-1.noarch
Oct 14 11:35:05 Updated: 2:wbm-security-updates-4.5-1.noarch
Oct 14 11:35:35 Updated: wbm-virtual-server-4.11.gpl-1.noarch

I removed and reinstalled postfix and some email came in, but I am not sure if that is coincidence or because of what I did. Unfortunately I have been unable to duplicate this which is why I am not sure if that is what caused it.

Is there a way to rollback to the previous state before these updates? Any other thoughts?

My and did not change during this.

I’m at a loss.


There unfortunately isn’t a way to revert to a previous state, except by using backups.

Just to verify though – are you saying the problem is corrected now? Or are you still seeing problems?


Yeah there was a config problem in Postfix. The restored config fixed it. I couldn’t find the cause of the issue though. Thanks for following up.