HELP HELP HELP! Domains list gone!

I noticed that the backups of the domains where “partially failing” but the email report was showing all the entries like:

Creating backup for virtual server 145546760112880 …
… some domain details missing!

None of the correct domains are listed correctly.
I went to Virtualmin and disaster strikes !!!
I see all the domain as numbers like the above BUT the files have zero bytes! Empty !!!
The domains (web + email) seems to be working but cannot be managed.

I have backups of the domains but I am not sure which part I need to recover in order to fix that and not do all the web+emails!


Good for you that you have backups. Why don’t you try to restore one domain / virtual server and see how that goes?

The restore module has check boxes which let you control what will be restored from the full backup.

If you know what stuff should look like in the shell, you can poke around and get some clues.

That being said, and although I hate to be the bearer of bad news, the only times I’ve come across errors like that have been when hard drives and/or RAID controllers were up to shenanigans. Sometimes a FSCK fixed the problems; but more often than not, I (or the host before I was managing my own servers) would have to restore from backups.

Speaking of which, unless you’re doing incrementals or differentials, make copies of your backups elsewhere so the good ones don’t get overwritten by bad ones. Mountain Duck can access pretty much any storage, anywhere, as well as copy files from one to the other. It’s really designed to mount remote files locally, but it can do a lot more than that.

And no, I don’t get a commission.



Do not use full restore feature, as it’s over head (at least). Virtualmin stores its domains database under /etc/webmin/virtual-server/domains directory. If you have config files stored under that directory somewhere on the backups - restore it. If you don’t, and you see those files are completely destroyed - simply delete them, go back to Virtualmin and use import feature to import to Virtualmin existing domains (virtual servers).

It’s not a big deal. No panic.

Try figuring out what happened that caused those Virtualmin config files go empty.

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Yeah, I agree with Ilia. A full restore from backups is a heavy hammer to use for a small issue (and it’s possible something was wrong at the time of the backup that you didn’t notice and maybe restoring will do much more damage). This should never happen, so proceeding with caution is wise.

There have been race conditions in the very distant past like 5+ years ago that could lead to one or more domains losing their config files (they’d get truncated to 0 but then not rewritten correctly), but I don’t know of any current issues. So if you’re running a current version of Virtualmin and Webmin, I don’t even have a guess about how it would end up in this state…if it were just one domain, I could guess it’d be a temporary disk write failure (disk space, maybe), but all domains? No idea. Unless you uninstalled and then reinstalled Virtualmin and the config files were removed or renamed in the process…that could do it under some circumstances.

just side note those are current versions (those badges will always display latest version):

virtualmin_GPL-latest_version release/virtualmin release/virtualmin

webmin-latest_version release/webmin

usermin-latest_version release/usermin

authentic_theme-latest_version release/authentic-theme

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Note, however, that the Virtualmin repos may not have the latest version of Webmin and the latest version of Authentic theme may not be in Webmin yet. Both of those are intentional and you shouldn’t try to “work around it” or do anything weird to upgrade, as that’s a real good way to break stuff…if the new version isn’t in our repos yet, there is almost certainly a reason for it. Just always make sure you have the latest version of Webmin, Virtualmin, and Usermin from the Virtualmin apt or yum repos.

Thank you all.
The domains are several. Software is all up to date.
I am trying to recover the domain by selecting “virtualmin configuration” only.
Some appear to be OK but some others are failing with:

Restore failed : xfs_quota: invalid user name: ihard=0

What could than mean in this case?

Your filesystem either doesn’t support quotas or you’re not using XFS, but your backup expects quotas to be enabled.

But, I wouldn’t think it would need to modify quotas if it’s restoring just the configuration.

But, Virtualmin Configuration is not what you want to restore, I don’t think. I’m pretty sure that’s Virtualmin configuration itself (like all of it), rather than the domain metadata. I’m not sure if there’s a way to restore just the domain metadata…but, I’m pretty sure Virtualmin Configuration is not it. So, solving the XFS quota error is not a useful thing to solve, as I don’t think you’re restoring what you need to restore. I’m too tired to try to figure out how to make the UI do what you want…it’s definitely in the archive itself, though, so you could dig into the tarball manually and go find the missing domain config file.

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