Help configure Dovecot Fail2Ban

|Ubuntu 22.04.01 |
|Webmin version 2.0.13 |
|Virtualmin version 7.5 |

Hi Fail2ban keeps blocking me for dovecot because my mail client has more than 5 emails configured.
The problem is that if I remove some email accounts from mail client it does not block me.
So my question is how can I configure fail2ban to block anyone has false login tries and not 5 successful ones

It would help to have the fail2ban.log for the section that’s banning you? It shouldn’t ban you for successful connections.

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No, that can’t be the problem. You could have more than five clients and fail2ban wouldn’t care, provided that they are all using the correct credentials.

That one account / device which you remove to bring the count down to four and not get banned - that’s the culprit. It has been configured with incorrect credentials. It is the incorrect credentials on this device which is triggering ban action by fail2ban, not the increase in the number of clients from four to five.

Your question is flawed. Do you think the rest of the world has to configure fail2ban to do that?

Hi calport,

I assume you are right but I can not find a failed account. All my accounts work perfect. Also I cannot find any failures in the log.
I will check it again

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