Head's up re: FreeBSD 6x, and working on a theme-mod. :)

This is just a head’s up that I had everything working under Virtualmin GPL (took a day or two to get working), and the move to Virtualmin Pro was an absolute breeze. (Kinda wondering why all the warnings, honestly…but then I’ve written modules for Webmin in the past too…)

Anyway, that said, frames are hellspawn. :slight_smile: The larger part of my time setting up Virtualmin GPL was getting a theme going that didn’t make me want to gag. :wink:

So…here’s what I have come up with. I have taken and modified the “StressFree” theme, created a custom index.cgi, and modifed theme.pl to include many elements that originally lived in left.cgi. I copied over edit_right.cgi to the streefree theme directory, and copied over the lang subdirectory of the virtualmin theme. That’s it! :smiley:

Don’t know if anyone else feels like trying it and and maybe helping me clean it up, but it’s working out nicely here.

Again, awesome product, dead simple install on FreeBSD, absolutely no issues at all.

Hey Tony,

Awesome, thanks for letting us know about your experience with FreeBSD! As you’ve noted Virtualmin actually supports a lot more systems than we’re claiming…the reason being that it’s not easy to set it up on systems we don’t have package repositories for. I’m still refining the processes I use for building and managing those repositories…as those tools, I’m able to find time to add other platforms, and FreeBSD is definitely next on the list.

Of course, FreeBSD users tend to be extremely savvy, so we can probably let them fend for themselves without imposing too much pain on them. :wink:

As for the theme, give us a link, man! Everybody loves the Stress Free theme (including me and Jamie), and choice is great. We’ve been doing a lot of theme work lately, but the frame isn’t going away in the near future (we’re using iframes in the new AJAX theme). If you don’t have a handy place to post your modded theme, or don’t want to commit the bandwidth for it, let me know via email…we’ll be happy to provide the download storage and bandwidth. (We should probably get David’s permission to distribute a version of his theme. I think it has an Open license, but we like him and wouldn’t want to tick him off, if he doesn’t want different versions of his theme floating around.)

Tell ya what, here’s the only issue with using my work-in-progress theme right now, and that’s the fact that there are a TON of hard-coded self-references in that theme (ie, it goes looking for files literally in theme-stressfree/blah in many places) rather than using relative paths, so the best way I can share this would be to put a copy of theme.pl and index.cgi out there. As I said, WIP, so you’ll need to copy the other files out of the Virtualmin framed theme into the theme-stressfree directory for it to work.

In all truth, I’m not doing it that way though. :smiley: I installed theme-stressfree, and duplicated it as theme-ossvirt, and modified that. The hard-coded paths still work, and theme-stressfree works for everything else. If this theme starts to take off, I’ll go back, fix up the paths, and probably put some detection measures in there so one theme can be used for both Webmin and Virtualmin. Baby steps. :slight_smile: Lemme see what I can do here. Perhaps you guys can help me out and fix some of my braindamage so far as Virtualmin level detection and what features should be available where, as I’ve just been kinda hacking it all in as I go along here…

Here you go:


Oh, and don’t forget to copy lang/ out of virtual-server-theme as well. Otherwise things are gong to look pretty odd without text. :smiley:

Bleh, okay, see if I can clear up the install process here so I can actually get help, and so that we’re all seeing the same thing.

  1. Download the file I linked here.
  2. Install the StressFree theme
  3. Go to your webmin installation, and duplicate your theme-stressfree directory.
  4. Take the contents of the file you’ve downloaded, and place them in this new directory.
  5. Copy edit_right.cgi and lang/ from virtual-server-theme into your new directory.
  6. (optional) Copy left.cgi over as well, just in case you get stuck and for reference. If nothing else, it’s a convenient way to log out and back in again as an admin to fix things up!


Oh, one other thing (sorry!)

On my install, I’ve intentionally made it so that there are no modules in the categories “Webmin” or “Usermin” available, so that the leftmost category in the menu should be “Manage”. If you see Webmin then Manage, it will look out of place. :slight_smile:

I’ve not made any changes to the theme since my last post. Could someone poke around in there and see if there are any features that should be in index.cgi that are missing, or menu options that should automagically get poplulated based on login?