having user create mysql databases

i went into virtualmin configure to allow users to create their own databases as (pretfix_). also when into the mysql and gave all user the ability to create a database.

t when i login as a user i canter find in the webmin or virtualmin tabs a places to create a database. only i can make changes to existing databases. anyone know how to give users the ability to name their own databases


You should be able to add new databases by logging into Virtualmin, and going into “Edit Databases”.

Within that screen, you’ll see options for “Select All”, and “Invert Select”. Right after all that is an option called “Create a new database”… that’s the one you’d want to use for creating a new database. That option would only be available for Virtual Server owners.


The edit database feeture is not listed thats what i can’t find. How do I enable it for users to be able to use it?

Here is what is listed:

Virtual Server Details
Edit Mail and FTP Users
Edit Mail Aliases

Hmm, can you take a screenshot of what you see when you go into the “Edit Databases” screen, and then attach that screenshot to this thread? That should help diagnose what’s going on. Thanks!