has Fail2Ban been removed from webmin 1.750 on CentOS 7

I started to set up an New VPS on CentOS 7 and I noticed that Fail2Ban Intrusion Detector is missing from webmin.

Has this package been removed/replaced?

CentOS Linux 7.1.1503
Webmin version: 1.750
Virtualmin version: 4.17.gpl

No but you need EPEL for that. Once you install fail2ban you must disable that repo.

fail2ban used to come with webmin when installed together with Virtualmin.
the UI was under Networking/Fail2Ban Intrusion Detector.
I installed fail2ban-all (including dependencies) from EPEL but not sure how to configure it so I removed it until I don’t understand how to configure properly

Does anyone have the settings for fail2ban to protect ssh, http, pop, imap, smtp. I had a problem on security with centos 6 and virtualmin, have to configure a new server with centos 7 .
Any help would be wonderful.

Best would be to read documentation for fail2ban. Usually its enough to enable what you want to use and check if fail2ban have right path for log files.

Centos 7.1

I installed fail2ban from epel, and installed the webmin module, but it keeps showing up in the “unused module” list. If I refresh the module list after installing the active module count goes up by one.

In the Webmin System > Bootup and Shutdown I can specify whether it starts at boot etc

So, it’s a bit confusing?

Fail2Ban should start with the server.

I meant it is confusing that it is still listed in the “Unused Modules” section.

Remove Fail2Ban completely, then install again but this time over Virtualmin and then check manually for updates.

Thanks Diabolico,
It seems to have resolved itself and Fail2Ban now appears under the Networking drop menu.

Would be interested to know how you got your ban working on a CentOS 7 machine…

Do you use firewalld or iptables? Either way, how have you set this up for Fail2ban to work? I am trying to set a jail for postfix-sasl. My logs show a ban is being set but it doesn’t seem to implement.

I pretty much ran the install instructions from here, and similar sites…


Installed epel and installed from there. Using iptables. Also running CSF.

Not sure what I did to get it to work in Webmin, just logged in again and it was running in the correct place and I can configure it from Webmin?