has anyone been able to get cloudmin to work with lxc?

i see the install scripts for kvm and xen but nothing for lxc even though it says it’s supported. i don’t want kvm or xen on my machine but i tried those install scrips anyway. neither script seems to give options for lxc once installed.

not sure why i wasted so much time trying to get this to work but now i’m curious if i’m missing something or if that announcement about lxc was bs or not.

so yea, good to see this project is taking off and is supported lulz

have a nice life

So, I can see you have a great understanding of how Open Source communities work. Complaining and insulting will get you all sorts of great help.

LXC is a new feature, is incomplete, and is currently only in Cloudmin Professional. That’s temporary, and will be remedied as soon as there has been time to build and test the installer for the LXC version. I don’t believe anyone ever announced LXC support for Cloudmin GPL, but if you were misled by anything we’ve ever said, I apologize.

I’ll just point out that the Cloudmin page has the following description:

Cloudmin GPL
This is the freely downloadable version, licensed under the GPL. It is under active development, but does not contain all of the features of the Pro version, and is limited to managing a single Xen or KVM host system.

So, no promise of LXC support, and no intent to mislead you into “wasting time”.