Hardware & ISP Migration?

Looks like we may need to move an existing Virtualmin system to new hardware with a different service provider, is there an easy why to achieve this?


Sure! There are migration instructions available here:


Thanks for your reply, I did see that page however I must admit I was hoping that there may have been other options without the need to backup and restore to clone the the entire system and sites/vhosts etc.


Do you have an example of how you were hoping it might work?

That’s the only way from within Virtualmin to accomplish that – and it’s actually quite simple.

However, if you have access to all the hardware in question, you could use some sort of cloning tool to clone one drive to the other.

There are other ways to do it from the command line, such as using rsync, but that becomes very complicated since there are a few files and directories you can’t copy across, services that need stopped, and so forth.

With that in mind, our recommendation is to use the migration documentation above.


Thanks this process was straight forward