Happy to pay someone to setup vps

I have spend a month trying to get emails working for multiple websites which use different ip addresses and am pulling my hair out. Can anyone help?

hi, why not get pro support from virtualmin folks? https://www.virtualmin.com/buy/support

Did you actually look at the page :wink:

I finally found the main problem. The vps company misled me on the ptr. And didn’t answer the question until I showed them the evidence. Anyway on to another company.

Means, its fine now or will be fine in the near future or do you still need help?
Btw, just as a hint. If you ask for help, you shouldnt be rude if someone replies.
At least with that emoji, it looks a bit like it.

Hi @vicman, sorry but what page? i didn’t see any link, perhaps my bad. Nevermind I’m happy that you’re solved the issue.

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