Had to update VPS name: SOA is now incorrect. How to update SOA Record?

Hi guys,

I had to change my VPS name (e.g. VMI7643.domain.net) to something more meaningfu (e.g. ns1.domain.com)l (to prevent emails going to SPAM), but already setup a few virtual server sites with this name (VMI7643.domain.net) and my SOA record is with this old name, which was also the name of primary nameserver.

I have updated the hostname (in Webmin) to VPS name and updated server (BIND) template.

But is there anyway I can updated the SOA DNS record. I see there is an option to manually update the SOA record, but worried that from Virtualmin DNS Record interface it is not allowed.

I am worried if I do updated it manually it will cause problems …please confirm its fine to update it manually

So, need to update SOA DNS Record:

From: VMI7643.domain.net —> To: ns1.domain.com

PLEASE advise guys.

Any ideas how to solve this…anyone experience this before?