GUI has no internet

This is my first server and my first virtualmin install, yes it took me over 9 hours, I woke up (red-eyed) and I am at it again.
I have viruemin installed and can reach the interface over my local network.

I can login as the admin and also as a created user.
ftp service work with designated areas. All very awesome!

I have assigned a static ip to the server

i have port 80 forwarded to from dhcp router

I cannot by the life of me get
to work

I have also installed a gui on ubuntu 12.04 LTS and newest Virtualmin
after installing and setting up virtualmin i hav no outgoing internet on the server.
I can ping the network just fine.

If you have time to respond please don’t say

“just change xxx file and add xxx”

tell me how to get there as I don’t know where ANYTHING is.
Please talk to me like I am 3 years old.

Very best regards!


Well, there’s a number of possible causes for what you’re seeing.

However, I have a suspicion that the issue may be related to your router.

Is the router in front of your server configured to forward port 10000 from it to your server?

How exactly to do that would depend on your particular router, but it should come with documentation that describes how to setup port forwarding.