Group-Office script installer for Virtualmin Pro?

Hi all,

I have several customers who are running instances of group-office, and having script installer support for it would make my life a lot easier. Group-Office is a commercial PHP-based webmail and groupware product, with a GPL’ed version available from sourceforge:

Any chance group-office could be supported as a standard script? Anything I could do about it, like, setting up an installer myself? Is there documentation on how to do that? Kind regards,



It is indeed possible to make your own Install Scripts… that’s a good way to make all the apps you enjoy easy to install for your customers, even when they aren’t part of Virtualmin Pro by default.

There’s a document here on “Creating your own script installers”:,script_installers/

It doesn’t seem really better or more advanced than eGroupware.
Does the free version also come with the billing module though?