Greatly appreciated

I am very surprised and thankful by the level of support I have received over the last week. A few people around here have seen my very critical posts of VM and the lack of support for paying customers in the past. I had been searching for another control panel, but I have to say Joe has been extremely helpful and I for one, will definitely be resubscribing when my license runs out.


Thanks for the kind words. We try extremely hard to keep everyone’s installations spinning nicely. We do, quite often, get a bit overwhelmed…but the product is getting easier (and more reliably installable), and we’ve also got more active participants here in the forums–folks who’ve acquired a pretty solid level of expertise with the product and have a good understanding of Linux and BSD systems, so can offer useful advice in the times Jamie and I have to sleep. :wink:

We’re glad to have you as a Virtualmin user, and hope your experience only gets better over time, as Virtualmin, Inc. grows, and the products improve.