Great job on Lenny!

Hey Joe, just a quick note to say that the continuing work you have done on getting the Debian 5 package together has proven to be very successful. I ended up retiring the ‘new’ Debian 5 server which I just build the day Virtualmin for Lenny was available and built a new box. The first thing I installed after the os was Virtualmin and so far everything that I have needed/tried has worked flawlessly. Even the email (which was a serious relief.)

Thanks again for all of your great work and the help when I was trying out the early runs of the Lenny release!

Thanks again.

Awesome. Thanks for the update. We’ll keep working on it. Another fellow in the forums had some pointers for me on being more “debian-like” in our installation process, so once the new site and product is out the door, I’m going to spend some time trying to get a little more right with Debian. :wink: