Granting FTP User Access

I’m trying to set up a new FTP user, but all they can access is .usermin and the subfolder mailbox, etc.
I want to provide them access to the public_html folder, so they can upload website files and manage the website, etc.

The only things I can find so far that sound like they would resolve my issue refer to some “Limits & Validation” menu option where an access rule can be created.

• Where is this fabled “Limits & Validation” menu? If it’s a primary menu option beneath Virtualmin, I don’t have it; and I don’t see it as a submenu beneath any other option.

• Is this something in an older version of Virtualmin?

• Might my server host have disabled my access to it somehow? They don’t know much about using this program, since the Apache server is something new to them (from what I gather).

• Is there a more appropriate way to go about providing FTP access to my website files for a new user?

Go to virtualmin - edit - mail and ftp users then Add a user to this server. Have a look at Other user permissions

Yes, and there I have (or had) the option to select “Email” or “Email and FTP”; I had selected the latter.
Then it has “Allow access to web directories”, but the only directory listed is /stats, which happens to be a protected web directory. And there’s also “Allow access to databases”.
Otherwise, I can’t type in the folders I want manually, and there’s no browsing to the folder I want to allow access to.

So, I guess the thought I’d had earlier: Do I need to add /public_html to the Protected Directories list? Wouldn’t that be contradictory to having it be the “public” web folder? or will there be an “everyone” or “HTTP users” group to add?

I don’t want to mess with it lightly, since the site is live.

The issue seems to have resolved itself. Perhaps the server needed a restart in order to get the user properly registered, and maybe that happened somewhere along the way… ? I don’t think my ISP did anything for me, either. It just started working on its own when I checked earlier this week.