GPL Version >> SMTP Error (-1): Connection to server failed


I have installed Virtualmin (ver 6.08.gpl)

The answers I searched for in this forum seemed to be for prior versions and therefore the menu trail is not the same for the version I installed.

How can I solved this issue with the version I have installed?

The more I use Virtualmin the more I love it.
Oh how I wish I use it long ago and save myself headaches.

Thank you

ps: want to thank again the good people of this community for the assistance given me in prior posts. Im very grateful.

@sitevest check this out… (harmful link removed)

thank you for the link – I will study the answer there

A few useful things to watch while investigating:


I also enable dovecot logging (at both info and debug levels) so I can also watch login attempts. You can configure it to also log failed login attempts along with passwords if necessary.

A flat out connection failed error denotes firewall or iptables problem. iptables on CentOS has been deprecated in favour of firewall-cmd which is a royal pain (at least for me) to get one’s head round, but you can still use iptables by reenabling it if preferred. Lots of info online for that.

Do you get an error if you connect with a client on your own PC?