GPL or Paid version


if I try first the GPL version and want to upgrade to the Paid version, will I have some differences in the software installation [installer script]

Is it easy to upgrade to the Pro version, for example do I need to run a script or so?

Will I keep all my settings I have configured or will many reset back to defaults?

Will I be able to use PayPal connected with my bank card, as my bank will charge huge cost for overseas payments?

Is it easy to revert later in time back to GPL?

Thank you.

Howdy – thanks for your interest in Virtualmin Pro!

You can see the differences between Virtualmin Pro and GPL here:

You can upgrade from GPL to Pro by going into System Settings -> Upgrade to Pro.

When upgrading, all settings will be retained. When downgrading, most settings are retained, though things like resellers, or other Pro specific settings, will no longer be available.

You can use Paypal, though our shopping cart doesn’t support it, we’d need to process those manually. Due to that, we can only do Paypal licenses a year at a time.

And lastly – reverting to GPL isn’t as simple as upgrading, there’s some manual steps involved, but it’s not that bad… you can see details on how to do so here:

Thank you, how to proceed to pay with PayPal for a year Virtualmin Professional license with 10 domains?

If you’re interested in proceeding, go ahead and open a support request in the support tracker for that (using the “Support” link at the top of the page, and we can continue there. Thanks!