GPL install problem. No virtualmin-base package?

During an install on Debian 5.0.4, it fails when trying to install virtualmin-base.

INFO - 2010-03-16 21:31:19 - /usr/bin/apt-get --config-file apt.conf.noninteractive -y --force-yes install postfix postfix-pcre webmin usermin ruby libapache2-mod-ruby libxml-simple-perl libcrypt-ssleay-perl unzip zip postfix-tls: Succeeded. INFO - 2010-03-16 21:31:19 - Succeeded. INFO - 2010-03-16 21:31:19 - Installing Virtualmin and all related packages now using the command: INFO - 2010-03-16 21:31:20 - /usr/bin/apt-get --config-file apt.conf.noninteractive -y --force-yes install virtualmin-base Reading package lists... Building dependency tree... Reading state information... FATAL - 2010-03-16 21:31:22 - Fatal Error Occurred: Installation failed: 0

So, I set up the repository in sources.list manually (based on the package URL in the manual instructions)

deb virtualmin-universal main

and after updating, I don’t see a package for virtualmin-base.

services:~# apt-cache search virtualmin

webmin-virtualmin-registrar - Webmin module for ‘Virtualmin Domain Registration’
webmin-virtualmin-google-analytics - Webmin module for ‘Virtualmin Analytics’
webmin-virtualmin-signup - Webmin module for ‘Virtualmin Mailbox Signup’
webmin-virtualmin-mailman - Webmin module for ‘Virtualmin Mailman Mailing Lists’
webmin-virtualmin-sqlite - Webmin module for ‘Virtualmin SQLlite Databases’
webmin-virtual-server - Webmin module for ‘Virtualmin Virtual Servers (GPL)’
usermin-virtual-server-theme - Usermin theme ‘Virtualmin Framed Theme’
webmin-virtualmin-awstats - Webmin module for ‘AWstats Reporting’
usermin-virtual-server-mobile - Usermin theme ‘Virtualmin Mobile Theme’
webmin-security-updates - Webmin module for ‘Virtualmin Package Updates’
webmin-virtualmin-oracle - Webmin module for ‘Virtualmin Oracle Databases’
webmin-virtualmin-htpasswd - Webmin module for ‘Virtualmin Protected Directories’
webmin-virtualmin-slavedns - Webmin module for ‘Virtualmin Slave DNS Plugin’
webmin-virtualmin-dav - Webmin module for ‘Virtualmin DAV’
webmin-virtualmin-svn - Webmin module for ‘Virtualmin Subversion Repositories’
webmin-virtualmin-init - Webmin module for ‘Virtualmin Bootup Actions’
webmin-virtual-server-mobile - Webmin theme ‘Virtualmin Mobile Theme’
webmin-virtual-server-theme - Webmin theme ‘Virtualmin Framed Theme’

Is there something wrong at my end?