Google MX auto populate in DNS

We use Google Hosted email for all of our domains. I love all the extras you get with it for free and I really love letting their servers handle all the damn SPAM we get these days…

I would like to automate the mail server setup a bit… what is the format for bind in VM Pro to have the 7 MX records for google mail automatically populate when creating a domain… and will it do it even though I have the handle mail turned off for domains?


You might want to look at Google’s Postini filtering instead of hosted Gmail… much less $ per user per year. We get it for about $0.37/mo/user vs. $50.00/user/year. We were an early adopter and we have many thousands of users, however.

But it’s still probably cheaper than hosted Gmail. Not nearly the feature set, but if folks are wanting to use POP3 with Outlook (majority of users), then it makes sense. We resell it for $2.00/user/mo.

If you can handle the mail storage, it’s worth it. It does offload a lot of resources because it does the spam filtering for you.