Google Drive backups

Hello I’m new here and looking for a new home from cPanel.

One thing I do like about cPanel / WHM - is the ability to backup our virtual servers and config files to Google Drive. We have been doing this for several years and really appreciate the simplicity and reliability of it.

I am a little disappointed to see that this is not an option in Webmin. Are there any suggestions on how to achieve this - or is there some place to vote for feature requests?

I do a full backup daily to AWS at less then $2 a month.

To actually answer your question, this IS an option you just need to do a small amount of extra work.

  1. Install rclone
  2. setup your rclone config to your google drive account/folder
    Google drive
  3. In your virtualmin scheduled backup under schedule and reporting choose “command to run after backup” and input the rclone command (e.g. below)
rclone sync /your-local-backup-dir gdrive:/your-google-drive-path/

I have been using this method for years with virtualmin pro and it works flawlessly to my google drive workspace account.

I would actually think this would be an excellent “Pro” upgrade to integrate rclone into the backup process then you could support pretty much every backup location out there without having to recreate each integration natively in virtualmin.


Virtualmin Pro supports a bunch of cloud backup options (GPL supports a couple, I think), but Google Drive isn’t one of them. It doesn’t come up often, as it’s a lot more expensive than the usual cloud storage options. It would only make economic sense if you have tiny backups or already pay for a lot of Google Drive storage for other reasons and aren’t using it all.

Currently supported cloud backup options include S3 (not just from Amazon, any S3-compatible storage should work, including some that are very cheap), Backblaze, Google Cloud Storage, Rackspace Cloud Files, Dropbox (again, expensive if you don’t already have a bunch of storage with them), Azure Storage.

Edit: But, I guess for folks that are already paying for a bunch of business accounts, they might already have a ton of storage sitting unused. So, maybe it is something we should add. @Jamie , any thoughts on how hard that’d be?

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Hi all

Thank you for your comments and opinion.

RE Google Drive: we have been using it for many years - primarily as we use it as shared spaces for our teams and external partners. We do purchase a large storage space and we have found it useful to have these backups (from cPanel previously) in that same shared repository, partly as several devs can have access to it. We have found that the cPanel option has been quite straight-forward to use and a rotation of 3 per week, 4 weeks, 3 months does not incur huge charges from 5 servers.

Interestingly, we do also use Dropbox for day-to-day WordPress database backups on rotation. So I guess we are “one of those” that does what exactly what you’re saying is inefficient, but it does / seem to work well for us. Sorry to be a thorn in the proverbial.

It would be nice to see this feature added, but I respect the reasons given.

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I think this wouldn’t be too hard, as long as Google Drive has an API or CLI tool for uploading and downloading files. I’ll put it on the TODO list …

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Ok, turns out this was pretty easy! I’ve implemented it for inclusion in the next Virtualmin release …


That’s great news, thank you! Look forward to it - is there and ETA?

It should be soon, although we don’t provide any ETA.