Google Analytics Module

I found a thread from back in March that talked about a Google Analytics Module but it seemed to be having some problems. Is it stable now and if so how do I get and install it?

Thank you very much.


It’s never not been stable. The problems are with whether mod_perl version 2 is available on the system…if it is the module works. If it isn’t, the module doesn’t.

So, if you have mod_perl 2, go for it.

If you’ve installed Virtualmin Professional via it should be available via yum or apt-get. (package name wbm-virtualmin-google-analytics or webmin-virtualmin-google-analytics–it’s actually misnamed…the module also supports Quantcast and MyBlogLog and Clicky tag injection, as well). If you’re using GPL, it looks like I haven’t added it to the repository…I’ve added it to the repo update script, but it’ll be at least a few hours before I’m able to sync them (I’ve got several updates in the repo undergoing QC testing, so I won’t roll those out until that’s finished, and so the repo sync won’t happen until then).