Gone to YAPC!

Howdy all,

Jamie, Eric, and I are all heading to Pittsburgh for our annual pilgrimage to YAPC (Yet Another Perl Conference), in order to get our learn on.

Eric is actually already there, I think, but he didn’t have as far to go.

I’m flying out in the morning and will be in transit for a good part of the day, so I’ll be out of touch all day Saturday. I come back on Wednesday night.

Jamie flies out on Sunday morning. He also comes back Wednesday night.

At no time will everyone be inaccessible, but you should expect personal emails sent to us to take longer to respond to during the next few days. If you have any questions that require a quick response, I would (as always) recommend posting to the forum or the ticket tracker, so you have a better chance of a live human seeing it quickly. While at YAPC we’ll always have connectivity, and will be answering tickets and forum posts are best we can. We also have several community members who are absolute champs about helping out, and so posting here will often get you a response before we even know someone has a question (we gotta sleep sometime, too!).

Also, if you’re also going to YAPC, we’d love to chat with you, so look us up! We’ll be wearing Virtualmin shirts at least half the time.

OK, I think that covers everything.