Going Pro is hard

I am very grateful for your product and there were times when I could only keep my head above water with free software.
I have been using Virtualmin for maybe 10 years and have wanted to show my appreciation many times. But your store is just useless and you only get annoyed when you want to order something through it. Actually, I don’t need the Pro version at all, but I still want to give you something for it. Is it possible to do this without a store? How about a button with the possibility to beam over some cryptos?



I’m sorry could you specify what is wrong with our shop?

You could use donate option in the Virtualmin Shop.

Virtualmin as a company does’t accept crypto donations yet, right @Joe? However, you can use GitHub Authentic Theme project page to send crypto donation personally to me. Although, I’d say that using donation feature with Virtualmin Shop is preferred, especially recurring one.

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No crypto options. I shut them down years ago. If crypto is your only easy way to contribute, certainly giving to Ilia helps the project (he’s a core developer and does more work on Virtualmin than anyone at this point, as the rest of us have other full-time jobs).

We’d like to improve the store if we know what’s difficult about it, though.

I cannot add a subscription to the chart.

What browser you using, I see no issue on this page.

Firefox 118.0.2 on Ubuntu 22.04

How’d you get that? I can’t reproduce it just browsing to Virtualmin.com, clicking Shop, and adding that product to my cart. (I also use Firefox on Linux, though I have version 119.0b9, I doubt it has anything to do with that error which looks nothing like a browser issue).

May a bad load of the page, shouldn’t see code. maybe clear cache.

I think you should try with the browser that has JavaScript enabled.

Also, I will look into fixing displaying the escaped HTML, that can be seen in the alert message.

I did sent some coins.

Thanks a lot!

Thank you for your precious work …

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