Godaddy, WP Multisite and Virtualmin setup for ALIAS

So, I have decided to use Virtualmin Pro to help me with this install. I have what I think is a complicated installation, so I thought I would ask for input from the community.

First off, I am a noob in Linux so please bear with me.

I am using godaddy, which from what I have read presents other questions. I am using it because I am using their email plan and don’t know how to install my own email server. Because of using them, I have to use their DNS server.

Now, on my end. I have installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS since the HP server is a Proliant DL380 G5 and is having problems with the HPSA drivers (outdated system).

What I want to do is run my domain with 3 alias. One of the alias’s will be an online store (opencart). Another alias will be my training site. The problem is how to get there.

I understand that using Virtualmin, I can create the web sites and alias’s. Having just installed Virtualmin, I have a lot to catch up on. In other words, I don’t altogether know what I am doing. I have been playing with webmin and think I have gotten the hang of it.

Now, the alias’s are DSS, TTC, and member. Once installed, I have to create a web site. So far, in terms of stability, using a single copy of wordpress instead of lumping everything together in Multisite would seem to be better when recovering from a crash. I tried to restore a Multisite backup and ended up being down for close to a year trying to recover. So it would seem 3 copies of wordpress would be the order of the day.

It seems everything is hinging on the install of Virtualmin. Once I get wordpress and the other programs in, I can handle it from there. But it is the gap from having just reinstalled Ubuntu for the 40th time, to opening wordpress and setting up the web site, where I need some help with.

Is there someone out there looking for a challenge who can guide me to the promised lands?

Here is another question that has come to mind. The system hostname. Is it supposed to be the name used internally, or the domain name?