Gmail and OAuth with Postfix

Hello all. GMail are deprecating Less Secure App passwords and moving to OAuth. I wanted to use Postfix as a GMail relay as even with DKIM etc I keep running into my emails being marked as spam by recipients (No, I am not spamming - these are emails to my website users!). Is there an easy way of doing this, or is it a case of life being too short and it being easier to use a different method?

I’d never waste my time on it, but this seems to document it: Setting Up OAUTH2 Support for Fetchmail and Postfix

I use relay services like Amazon SES, Mail Gun, Mail Jet, Sendgrid, etc. Some have a free tier that is probably sufficient for small mail volume. We spend about $10/month for our relay service and we send well over 10,000 emails a month (notifications for this forum and for our shop).

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