Global Roundcube installation problems

I’ve been trying to follow the instructions given here concerning a single roundcube installation for all virtual servers:,webmail_and_virtualmin

I’ve got the single installation working on …Yay!

I have been into the server templates > apache website and altered:

Redirect webmail.domain to Usermin? No

URL for webmail redirect:

I then ran followed these instructions:

Domains created from now on will use this redirection URL. To apply the setting to all existing
domains, SSH into the system as root, and run the commands :

virtualmin modify-web --all-domains --no-webmail virtualmin modify-web --all-domains --webmail

However, the webmail DNS entry A record has disappeared from all virtual servers!

The redirect doesn’t work. Are those virtualmin commands out of date? I readded the DNS record manually. There is no redirect and I end up at the default apache2 installation screen.

I’ve just realised my mistake. You need to leave the following:

Redirect webmail.domain to Usermin? No


It isn’t about redirecting to USERMIN. It is about redirecting generally. Doh