Git Web Interface ?


Is there any Git Web client working with virtualmin ?
I want to be able to manage my repositories directly from my virtualserver using a web interface like GitLab ( or Gogs (


Hi wikiki,

yes there is! I dont remember the link but its here somewhere on forums. and you can make gitlab or gogs working as well… however gitlab is very resources hungry.

Edit: I found the link… simple git web interface for virtualmin …if you want I can professionally install gogs for you. In end of the day its part of what I do.

Hi unborn,

I already followed the documentation to install git but unfortunately there is nothing about gitlab or gogs.


gitlab or gogs are separate scripts, you should follow docs from their website.

I have stumbled across this post as I am also looking to install gogs on a virtual server that is managed by virtualmin.

Whilst I appreciate the responses by unborn, I don’t feel that the op’s question is answered. There are no docs on the gitlab/gogs websites which address installation in this specific context, and for someone who doesn’t know what to do (like me) I think advice is helpful. Does another user have constructive information to add?

For example, what if I want to install gogs and get to it by a virtual server: Is this possible? How?

Many thanks,


Hi Brian, yes that is possible. gogs runs on whatever port you would specify in config file. In simple description you make gogs running at startup within your server and then on your domain you point to localhost:designated-port and thats it. its all in documentation on their website. If you would need to have access within ssh via gogs its easy to setup as well but I would suggest to use push/pull via web access(with ssl), much easier and secure.

I used to run gitlab but that was too heavy for my home server. It runs as separate app on some port which you setup within config and its bundled with nginx which runs independently from vitualmin, so setup is little bit more complicated.

If you cannot read docs or don’t have time for it I (or someone else here) can set that up for you (I am available for hire). It takes less then 6 minutes. I guess you’re running apache as setup would be much easier. Perhaps I could write you very simplified docs for setup like step by step with pictures.

have good day.

Hi Unborn,

I have the same issue and would like to install gitlab on my server, in a dedicated subserver: could you please explain the appropriate procedure, as you did it on your server? I just couldn’t find any documentation for this case…

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi jlgarnier,

I would like to ask - are you sure with gitlab? I am asking as gitlab is really resource hungry… you know that you can use something easy for resources (could run on rpis with 1000 users accounts), best would be the thing which would not need to even run on apache also simpler gui (same as beautiful responsive gitlab). Lucky for you I wrote manual for my self how to achieve running gitlab with virtualmin. Its not hard to setup but some things would be need it to do. With other options you just setup auto start on your system, and you done. Setup would take less then 10 minutes, regards gitlab it would take about 30+ minutes for person who never done it before.

be sure you have some disk resources for repos and if you will go with gitlab at least 4 gigs of ram for about 20 or less users otherwise it would be fairly slow to do anything.

let me know.

Hi unborn,

I’m really interested in reading your manual! an you please send it via DM? We have a powerful dedicated server, so I think I could give it a try and change if it’s too resources hungry…

By the way, what’s your advice for any replacement? What is this thing you describe “not need to even run on apache also simpler gui”?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi unborn,

Would you mind sending your installation guide for gitlab by DM?

Thanks in advance!

Hi jlgarnier,

sorry for late reply, I was busy with my day-life as sous chef… what is DM if I can ask? also I would suggest to go with gogs or gitea both open sourced great stuff! I can help you to set it up in no time. If you looking for private I mean very private things to set up I am very confi with editing “templates” in gogs to make sure only logged in users can see what they have to and be able to cooperate or downloads… I use it for business purposes as its the origin… other hand I would suggest an… gitea should be same however as a fork, I did not look at their templates yet but I am using them for sharing and improving the coding stuff around with other coders - sort of codecanyon but for devs purposes… you know what I mean. Also there are some new git repos guis to be taken on account… you can search around, but I am happy to help you with gogs or gitea. Both does what gogs does just not forums… but rest is there… I even wrote some scripts to update, upload/create repos via terminal with one easy commands… etc…

Regards the gitlab - years back I was able to set it up with docs they provided on their website plus virtuamin logic and linux logic… I am going to ask once again… are you sure, you want to continue with it?

HI uborn,

No worry, everyone’s pretty busy even if it’s vacations time! :wink:
DM means Direct Message, it’s private mail through public forums…

As previously told, we have our own private server, so there’s no power issue and my developers want to experiment with Gitlab. I don’t want to play with gogs or other so far. You told me that you already managed to install Gitlab on Virtualmin, and wrote down the installation procedure. Can you please send this procedure?

Thanks in advance for your help!


I know it’s not the GitLab some folks are asking about above, but in case anyone is interested in other options as well, I thought I’d mention that I’ve had excellent luck with GitList.

It’s simple to install, and looks nice… I’ve actually been meaning to ask Jamie to make it into an Install Script:

Thanks a lot for the info, I’ll route this to my devs, they’ll give me feedback! The installation script would be nice! :wink:

hi jlgarnier,

ah git list, Ive fixed many pitiful things on that gui but main thing was showing the clients the repo… there is nothing like an collaboration or issues or wikis… Regards of your previous msg git lab will install nginx onto your existing system and you would be solely responsible to maintain this… I came from debian with hosting my sites from home all the times and found that - its okay however its something extra on your server… oki doki man, I have no glue how to send you an direct message here but I am willing to help you with it. As I mention, earlier, regards donation or hiring someone - I will give you an manual in .md. is that okay with you. md is markdown like on git hub… document… give me few minutes…

  • its not a script btw, you would have to do it manually and also final twist is you will have to maintain it… meaning all installs have to be done with root and then every update have to be deploy by hand - I think you ready for it. shall we do?

Hi unborn,

OK for the .md user guide: I need to learn, so what’s a best way to learn than doing things by hand? :wink: You’re right: I didn’t find a way to send DM, so please send a link to the file!

By the way, regarding the script, I was referring to @andreycheck comment on gitlist, which will probably be supported by an installation script.

Thanks in advance!