Git repositories

I’ve been setting up Git repositories on a few of my servers, but I’m having a lot of trouble with one of them for some reason I cannot determine. The servers have the virtualmin-git module installed, and as far as I can tell the installation of this and git is fine on the server. This works fine on a few of my servers, but on one of the (running Virtualmin GPL) if I go to create a repository at services->git repositories, the form appears and is right, but if I try to create a repository, the page just refreshes — the virtualmin logs say that the repo was created, and the proper entries seem to go into the httpd.conf file — but no repository seems to appear.

I don’t really know how to go about debugging this. On the same server, svn repositories get created just fine. Any hints on how to find the issue would be appreciated.

It’s vaguely possible that the problem with this server is that it is the one VPS on which I am running the test version of the cloudmin provisioning client. It has actually given me some trouble on this server, and I’d like to disable it – but I don’t see any straightforward way to turn it off once it’s been set up.

I just built a new VPS and moved the web site over to it, and now everything seems okay. Apparently I just broke something or another on this VPS while messing with it.