Git Read/Write Access

I am puzzled by the following in the documentation on the Git Repositories feature:

The “Read/write access to repositories field” appears to relate only to subversion repos. The git repos created in a domain do not appear in that field.

Is this just referring to http access via gitweb? If so, would that not be read only?

Is there a way to enable read/write access to a mailbox user, other than to give the individual ssh access to the server?

Further to my last message, I find that after I create an empty Git repository called “Test” on “”, point a browser at “” , and login in with the credentials of a user authorized to access the repository, the server says “Forbidden
You don’t have permission to access /git/Test.git/ on this server.”

If I point the browser at "“” I get access to a page with a link to Test.git. Clicking the link takes me to a page with this url: “;a=summary

Is this the expected behaviour of the Git Repositories feature?

Hi otis

I know this is over two years old post but.
Did you get anywhere with the permissions?

I have not tried to use the http interface to get write access to repos. I use ssh for that. The http interface gives read access if you start by pointing your browser at - which gives a list of repo links - rather than directly at