Gforge install on Virtualmin

hi all

My domain is and I am using Centos5 with Webmin and Virtualmin. I also install Gforge on my VPS.

After finish installing Gforge, I can see that Virtual makes a new Apache Webserver as picture:

but, I do not know how to set a point of Gforge install to run it (Normally, i can go to to run Gforge, but now, it is still demo page from Apache)

Coudl you help me how to point the link of Gforge to Apache to run it?

Thanks in advance

In your /etc/httpd/httpd.conf file, there is a line that reads:

NameVirtualHost *

That line is causing trouble – comment that out by putting a # mark in front of the line.

Next, look for the VirtualHost section associated with "".

It will have a line like this at the top:

<VirtualHost *:80>

You need to change that line to read:

<VirtualHost YOUR_IP_ADDRES:80>

And then restart Apache after you make those changes – that should solve the problem.