getting Phpmyadmin on every virtual server I creat

hi guys

it’s possibile to get a script like Phpmyadmin installed and ready to use when I create a new virtual server ??

I mean can I put it on a virtual server template or maybe can I install tru the command line to do faster ?

thanks in advance


What Virtualmin do you got?

PRO or GPL ?

In PRO version you can setup template to install any script you want wherever you want during virtual server setup.


First off, my personal preference here is to have one central install of phpMyAdmin, and just include some sort of domain alias within each Virtual Server that redirects to the central install.

That allows you to have one commercial SSL certificate on your server, and makes keeping phpMyAdmin up to date a little easier.

That said, if you want to include any script available in the "Install Scripts" in every Virtual Server, go into System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default Template -> Default Script Installers, and add in the ones you wish to have installed by default.

For one global install of phpmyadmin and each newly created virtual host having access, its really pretty simple.

Install phpmyadmin someplace, anyplace. Leave it in /usr/local/ or put it in /var/www/html, whatever. Configure phpMyAdmin.

Assuming you install phpMyAdmin in /var/www/html/phpMyAdmin, add the following to /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf in section 2.

Alias /phpMyAdmin "/var/www/html/phpMyAdmin"
Alias /phpmyadmin "/var/www/html/phpMyAdmin"

Restart apache. That’s it.

Now using a URL like so:
will get you to phpmyadmin. As long as you didn’t create different database admin and virtualmin admin names/passwords, then your databases (and only yours) will be visible.