Getting lots of Service Mon errors for 1 domain

For the last few days I keep getting service monitor email reports stating that either 1 or two services are down for one domain. It is either regular website or ssl website or both that I get errors for. Im always checking the website and its always up and running, so I dont know why Im getting these errors?

Any ideas on this? Its driving me crazy and I cant see anything wrong in the logs.

You probably just need to give it a bit longer timeout. Sometimes, if the check hits at the same time as a bunch of other cronjobs, things will slow down enough to make it trigger the failure condition.

That did fix it Joe, thanks. I am trying to find out what the "default" time is.

The default is 10 seconds…but the timer starts before the connection setup and name lookups and such…so it could actually only leave 5 seconds (or even less) for the response. On a VPS, in particular, or a system that is a bit tight on memory it’s pretty easy to trigger situations where five seconds is insufficient for a response.

Its just strange that it just started happening for 1 of the 6 domains on that box. There hasn’t been any extra traffic going to that domain, or the server in general. The system has 4g ram and is way underutilized, resource-wise, bandwidth-wise, etc.