Getting a little nervous...

I have been using virtualmin for many years now. I host small business and not-for-profit sites. What is to become of the regular virtualmin? I am using this product because it is free. I run this section of my business at a loss as a community service and to help small businesses get going.

If this product were to become unmanaged or to go commercial I would be royally screwed.

Hi Robert,

You’re not screwed. Virtualmin Professional isn’t targeted to your sector of the market. Virtualmin GPL will continue to be developed and releases will happen on a regular basis. Many Virtualmin Professional features will find their way into GPL in the future.

In fact, because Virtualmin is becoming our full-time job, you will benefit almost as much as our Professional customers…we are spending more time, more money, and more effort on developing Virtualmin, Webmin and Usermin than ever before and more than half of that work ends up in the free products. You can also take advantage of the bug-tracker and support forums that have been made possible by Virtualmin Professional…so you’re coming out ahead.