Generic Installer available yet??

"Joe & Co";
Is the generic Linux installer available yet??

I have a Gentoo box eagerly awaiting his Virtualmin. He nags me every day because he wants to get to the datacenter and work for his living, and just hates sitting around doing nothing and gathering dust in my office every day. :slight_smile:

Hey Colin,

It’s coming along. Not quite ready for action…but it’s getting close. I’ve just got to package everything up in the format that the new Webmin package manager (yep, Jamie wrote us a package manager) likes. In the generic case, we’ll drop everything into a directory in /usr/local or /opt. I’d like for it to be upgradeable using the properly packaged version at a later date, as well…which adds a few kinks to the problem. But not too bad, I hope.

I am expecting the generic installer to be ready in under a week. Debian/Ubuntu is also less than a week away, for those folks awaiting that one.