Generating subdomain with php

Hi guys!

I’d like to create subdomains (or subserver, I’ve seen that’s the same thing) with php.
Each domain must have php 7 and Mysql.

Currently, I’m using this:
$api->add_domain(array(‘domain’=>‘’, ‘pass’=>‘none’, ‘parent’=>‘’, ‘dir’, ‘webmin’, ‘web’, ‘dns’, ‘mail’, ‘limits-from-plan’, ‘mysql’)));

but I’ve this error:
" The --webmin option cannot be used unless the feature is enabled in the module configuration"

What I’m wrong?

Subservers are owned by an existing Virtualmin user. Sub-server indicates ownership, not domain name. You can create a subdomain that is a regular virtual server, and you can create a sub-server that is not a subdomain of the parent domain. The word “subdomain” got overloaded by the cPanel folks (and we hate them for it, because it’s confused millions of people for the past twenty years).

If this is a subserver you can’t give it a new Webmin account. It’s already got one (the parent domain). If you want it to have it’s own login, you don’t want it to be a sub-server.

Hello Joe, and thank you for the reply.

I’m so confused a little it; my only need is to have somthing like “” where I can put a db a nd php files.
What I have to do?

Either create a new virtual server (if you want it to have its own user account), or a sub-server (if you want it to be owned by an existing virtual server). If you want to use the API call you’ve got, just remove the webmin option…a sub-server does not get its own login, because it is owned by the parent.

You’re making this too complicated. :wink:

The domain name doesn’t matter to Virtualmin.

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@asimpledeveloper - hey dev, do some dev here for us, open new post forums for each of your issues, best damn thing to work for people out here.

Drink less coffee, I’ve made only a question that anyone can have.

If you can help me, will be grateful to you. If not… that’s not a problem; the world it’s full of available people.


Please create a new post for new questions. It’s too hard to keep up with, otherwise.

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Thank you for the reply.

Can I copy the text that I’ve wrote for the new topic?

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Yes, as long as it provides the context someone needs to answer it. You can also delete it from this thread, so it’s not repeated.