Future Webmin Update

As it’s over 5 months since the last Webmin update and looking at Github there have been a large number of issues dealt with, is there any chance of an update release by the half year mark?

Would it be worth considering having a regular release eg monthly rather than waiting until whatever point it is that you decide to do a release?

I ask as I have been hanging out for some of the fixes for reported issues so I can make progress with my setup .


has it really been that long?
would it not be better to qualify such a statement?
the current version is 2.105

I am uncomfortable with changes that might be significant or more than “bug fixes” but do like the bug fixes pushed through a.s.a.p.

Webmin 2.105 was released on Novenber 8, 2023.

So December 8, January 8, February 8, March 8, April 8 2024 was the 5th month.

As per: Changelogs | Webmin

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tempus edax rerum

Rough translation is
we cannot escape the ravages of time
I thought this was an English speaking forum :wink:

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@Jamie, is there anything else we need to do to make Webmin 2.110 and Usermin 2.010 released?

Nope, I just need to do the build. Should be able to get to in a day or two at most…

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I’ll prepare the changelog tomorrow.

Thanks guys, much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Ok the new Webmin is out!

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It is working fine, however virtualmin users don’t have the new version yet

We did Virtualmin 7.10 pretty recently?

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Yes, but nothing new came out for Webmin (still on 2.105)

Webmin will be released to the Virtualmin repos with some delay, and for a reason.


I have added a new guideline:

“Don’t ask when a new Webmin version will arrive in Virtualmin repositories. It is always delayed a short time after upstream release. It will arrive in Virtualmin repositories once Virtualmin integration testing is complete.”


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