Further information on usage tracking with Zones.


I was browing the wiki Cloudmin documentation regarding setting resource limits and it does not explicitly say that this can be done with Cloudmin on Solaris Zones. Will this be implemented in the future? And, does that mean that usage statistics per account owner cannot be collected?

Apologies if this question has already been posed. I couldn’t find anything searching the forums. Very happy to see this project.

At the moment, limits on RAM, CPU and disk use in Cloudmin for Solaris zones hasn’t been implemented … however, I will work on adding this in the next release. Actually, disk capping may not be possible unless ZFS or similar is used, as the zonecfg command only seems to have options for RAM and CPU limits.

Thanks. Leave it to Solaris to make things … unique … What about usage statistic collection of Solaris Zones?

Sure, that will be implemented too.

One thing that would make it easier is if there was a command to show the current total and free memory on a Solaris system. I’ve yet to find one like the Linux “free” command. Do you know of any?

I checked out a copy of “Solaris™ Performance and Tools: DTrace and MDB Techniques for Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris” on Safari a couple of days ago and saw some interesting stuff that may be useful from an administrator standpoint. A lot of the tools that they describe in the book are beyond what most admins need to get the job done but they basically recommended two approaches for checking free memory:

vmstat – the first line of data is the averages since boot, but the second line provides current unassigned physical memory + free page cache memory (that may or may not be backed by physical memory)

mdb – actually a real neat tool, but may be overkill for just casually querying the free memory. At any rate, there is a module called ::memstat that breaks it all down for you. My understanding is that MDB has an API, so it’s conceivable that you could poll this information at intervals through Perl.

Both those utilities provide a lot of good top level information.

The authors also have a site called solarisinternals.com. One page that I thought was especially applicable was this one on Zone Resource Controls –


Gave me some good ideas too.

Hope that helps!