Full List of Variables

Hi all,

I’ve been trawling through the forums, and can’t seem to find an answer to this question!
Where or how can I retreived a “full” list of variables used by virtualmin, and what do they reslove to?

I had another question:
which was never answered.
I need to know the variables, and how to resolve them.

Thanks so much in advance.

You can find them in the documentation: Template Variable Listing | Virtualmin

There’s also online help in the various sections of the Server Templates that usually list available variables for those sections. (Click the little ? beside the label for the field.)

@Joe - thanks for prompt response.
I’ve seen that link and when in the templates I have clicked on the “?” for help with some sections.
However, there still seems to be variables that I’m not able to find. Point in case, I have a variable in my mail template, named: ${DNS_SERVER}
I can’t find this referenced anywhere. Also I’d like to change that, as the variable is pulling through, but it’s placing a “.” (period) as a suffix to the name, which is not correct.
For example the ${DNS_SERVER} is pulling through the name ns1.domain.com. instead of ns1.domain.com

Any ideas?

Just a shout out, is there any info of where I can get these variables. As mentioned before, the ones shown,

doesn’t seem to contain a comprehensive list.

Is there at least a comprehensive list somewhere?

I don’t know of any other list, other than the online help. It sounds like you have the variable you need, it’s just including the . (which always follows a fully qualified hostname in some places in BIND record files), right?

Thanks @Joe.
Yes I’ve gotten the variable, however it’s not exactly what I was wanting. Hence why I wanted to know if there were other variables under the hood worth investigating.
I will use something else to accomplish this though, thanks for the info.

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