FTPS SSL/TLS -- How to Set Up - Allow?

I searched for “FTPS SSL/TLS” in the forums, but not getting any clear, up-to-date method for enabling this.

Use Case:

I’m running mirror downloads of web sites, the files are not particularly sensitive so I just want to run encryption on the control connection so that the password and user are encrypted. Then disable sending of PROT P for the data files – which in theory means they will not be encrypted on transfer.

It takes very, very long time for the FTP client on the OS X server side to do the directory/file analysis before it can start updating the local copy of the remote server – downloading files with a more recent date and deleting orphans on the local mirror – the local site is supposed to be an exact match for the livesite, daily. Then the local box is cloned every night with Crash Plan Pro… so I have iterations for all changes going back for 6 months or more if we really need to dig out some old file.

If I run the mirrors on a schedule… then it means that the server is doing this analysis every day for 6 different web sites we have running under virtualMin, they can take as long as 20 minutes just doing the file analysis before transfers begin, even it means that only 10 files are updated – Using Vicomsoft FTP client for this job – and which I switch from SFTP (which works) to FTPS SSL/TLS, then the server says it will not allow access. We are running Virtual/Webmin on Centos6.2… I don’t think I ever touch the ProFTP config.


Maybe there is a better way to do mirrors…than using an FTP client?

So I’m hoping we can speed this up with FTPS.