FTP user is locked to public_html

How can I set a new FTP user to the whole main home directory

I need /home/user/
rather than /home/user/public_html/


@Mastap use ssh (sftp) filezilla do this nice even if you dont know what ssh is.

Anyway ftp is very old, insecure and should be avoided… its 2021 not early 90’s.

Sure, but this was FTPs
Opening a ssh user seem to give access to files located outside the user directory.
Seems there is no cpanel-like jailshell ?

@Mastap sure it does, but user is not able to read or open or modify those files = he can only see what is inside… there is some jail kit or whatever its name is, you just enable it and it behave as ftp but with ssh stuff. Naturally I would do go after it and learn it but since ssh is secure and respect linux permissions - I never had to do it, you know, just keep it simple and safe :slight_smile:

Edit: I believe virtualmin have some doc page for jails within ssh… somewhere…

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